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VERIFY: Yes, you can donate plasma after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

“There's no reason why antibodies from the COVID vaccine would mean you can't donate plasma," said Dr. Dirk Sostman with Houston Methodist.

HOUSTON — The VERIFY team is researching claims spreading online about the COVID-19 vaccine to make sure you have have the facts. We turned to Dr. Dirk Sostman, Chief Academic Officer at Houston Methodist, an expert who has done extensive research on vaccine development and side effects.

CLAIM: People who have tested positive for HIV should hold off on getting a Covid vaccine until the trials are complete.

False. Sostman said, “There's no reason to hold off.”

CLAIM: You can get the second dose of the vaccine a day or two after having surgery.

True. Sostman said, “You could. There's no reason not to.”

CLAIM: Antibodies produced from the COVID vaccine are different from the antibodies produced from actually having COVID.

Partly True. Sostman said, “The antibodies from getting the vaccine are quite specific for a particular type of the spike protein, because that's really what with the vaccines and structure your body to make, whereas from covid you get exposed to the entire virus and there's a wider spectrum of antibodies produced.”

CLAIM: There is a waiting period before you can safely donate blood after you've gotten the vaccine.


CLAIM: You cannot donate plasma once you are vaccinated.

False. Sostman said, “There's no reason why antibodies from the COVID vaccine would mean you can't donate plasma.”

CLAIM: I can start exercising the same day I get my vaccine.


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