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VERIFY: Does Texans' cooling station pose a health risk?

Players love them because it stops them from overheating and they can regroup in the middle of practice.

HOUSTON — The Houston Texans are doing whatever they can to stay cool during training camp. Their new Cooling Tank keeps things a chilly 35 degrees, and players get up to 3 minutes to cool off before getting back on the field.

However, is it safe to do so?

The Texans call it the CRZ or Cooling Recovery Zone. Players love it, saying it stops them from overheating and they can regroup in the middle of practice.

KHOU 11 viewer Margie Jones wants to know: Can you get ill from changing your body temperature back and forth so quickly?

To verify, we reached out to Baylor College of Medicine.

Assistant Professor of Sports Medicine Dr. Irvin Sulapas said it’s OK to go from cold to hot temperatures if it’s for a short period of time because there’s no real health concern.

“If you stay in the cooling station for a long periods of time, you may start to shiver, and that’s your body telling you that you need to probably step out and warm up just a little bit," Dr. Sulapas said.

Dr. Sulapas said the one thing athletes should pay close attention to is if they’re feeling under the weather.

“Cold viruses actually survive a lot longer in the cold, so if someone is sick from the team, they may need to either stay away from their teammates or workout alone,” Dr. Sulapas said.

So we can verify it is safe for Texans players to use cooling stations to escape the heat during practice.