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Verify: Do you really need a gas line insurance plan?

For some, it’s an investment. But one you may already be paying for.

We saw a photo from a viewer on Facebook who asked about a letter offering him a gas line insurance plan through CenterPoint Energy. 

The questions: do you really need it and is it worth it?

Our sources for this are CenterPoint Energy and the Better Business Bureau.

CenterPoint representatives say for $5.49 a month, you get $8,000 worth of coverage for repairs to your gas lines. 

Leah Napoliello is the Sr. Director of Investigative Services with the Better Business Bureau and agrees the benefits are there.

“If you’re doing something like a lot of construction on your home and it might affect your gas line, this might be something you consider,” Napoliello said.

CenterPoint goes on to say they’ve saved homeowners a total of $1 million on repairs since June 2018.

They’ve partnered with HomeServe USA Corp, a provider of emergency home repair programs nationwide to offer the service locally.

What’s covered includes wear and tear to the gas lines from meter or propane tank outlet connection up to, and including, the connectors to each natural gas/propane appliance on the property, whether inside or outside the home. 

For some, it’s an investment. But one you may already be paying for.

As Napoliello explains, most homeowners insurance will already have you covered.

“So check with them first to see if it maybe something in your policy,” Napoliello said.

So do you really need it?

We verified that chances are no, because you may already have something close to it. 

In some cases, the coverage you have may even be better. For example, accidents are not covered through the CenterPoint policy.

Whereas, your homeowners insurance may offer those benefits.


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