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VERIFY: Do you need front and back license plates in Texas?

Viewers asked us to Verify if Texas motorists require license plates on the front and back of their car.

HOUSTON — We're one month from Labor Day. It's one of the busiest travel holidays of the year and many people are asking KHOU to Verify some rules of the road. 

One viewer asked if Texas vehicles require a front and back license plate, and if there are different rules for cars that don't come with a front license plate bracket. 

Our source is Texas Department of Safety Sergeant, Stephen Woodard. Woodard said no matter what car you're driving, you must have a license plate on the furthest most points of your car in the front and back. 

Also, putting your license plate in your windshield doesn't count as a front license plate. 

He said if people drive a luxury car that doesn't come with a front license plate bracket, they must install one to display a license plate on their front bumper. 

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We can Verify that all vehicles, luxury or not, must have a front and back license plate if they're registered in Texas. 


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