The eclipse is over, but you still have those glasses. What should you do with them?

A lot of viewers reached out to our Verify Team asking if they can be used again for the next total solar eclipse in 2024.

Our fact-checkers decided to take a closer look, and here's what we found:

  • There were 12 manufacturers of eclipse glasses that met NASA and American astrological standards.
  • NASA says these glasses are good forever, unless they have been scratched, punctured or turn.

In conclusion, if your glasses are on made by one of these manufacturers below and still in good condition then put them somewhere safe until April 8, 2024!

List of certified companies:

American Paper Optics

TSE 17

Thousand Oaks Optical

Rainbow Symphony

Baader Planetarium

Explore Scientific

APM Telescopes



Lunt Solar Systems

Meade Instruments

Seymour Solar

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These companies make eclipse glasses certified as safe


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