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VERIFY: Can emergency responders locate people who call 911 from cellphones?

These days, about 85% of 911 calls and texts come from wireless phones.

HOUSTON — Greater Harris County 911 receives approximately 4 million phone calls and texts per year.

These days, about 85% of those come from wireless phones.

KHOU 11 News viewer Judy Elkins wants to know: “Can 911 locate your house if you have only a cell phone and no landline?”

The answer is yes, according to both Houston Emergency Center and Greater Harris County 911 Emergency Network.

Their technology allows operators to locate callers, usually within 25 feet.

Credit: KHOU

The location is provided by wireless providers, which means location information is dependent on service strength.

The call is presented on operators’ screens showing a map with the general area of the caller.

Therefore, KHOU can verify that emergency responders in the greater Houston area can locate you if you call or text 911 from a cellphone.

However, emergency officials say it is still important for callers to provide information about where they are, whenever possible.

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