HOUSTON — All cars and trucks come with standard tires but sometimes owners go out and buy new ones.

KHOU 11 viewer Don Cook is tired of oversized tires on vehicles throwing up dirt and debris. Cook said it has caused damage, but are they legal?

“I was wondering about the cars, trucks and jeeps driving with their tires sticking out the fender wells,” Cook said. “I believe that’s against the law.”

We turned to Department of Public Safety Sergeant Stephen Woodard to verify.

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Woodard said any vehicle on a public highway can’t be wider than eight feet.

For example, if a driver decides to get bigger tires for their car it’s OK as long as the vehicle is within that 8-foot limit.

Sgt. Woodard said mud flaps are required on dual wheel vehicles to stop them from throwing up dirt or debris. If tires are sticking outside the flaps, then it is illegal.

We can verify tires sticking outside the fender wells is not illegal, but if the total width of a vehicle is more than 8 feet, it is against the law.