HOUSTON — Our Verify team is getting several questions about the Real ID Act and the gold star on your driver’s license.

If your license doesn't have one by October 2020, you'll need another federally-issued form of identification to travel.

KHOU 11 viewer Dennis reached out to us and said, “Given that a license to carry can be used as a legal ID in Texas, will the state be marking this form of ID with the compliant gold star at renewal time as well?"

We reached out to the Texas Department of Public Safety to get the answer and can verify this is false. A spokesperson said the license to carry a handgun will not have a gold star. Also, there is no requirement for it to meet the requirements of the Real ID Act.

Another form of ID you can use instead is a passport.

If you need to renew your license to get one with a gold star, do it now before there is a rush of people coming in to the Department of Public Safety offices. You can also go to Texas.gov to see if you're eligible to renew it online.