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VERIFY: Answering your questions on drive-thru voting

The VERIFY team looked into whether multiple people in a car can drive-thru vote, if you have to cover up political bumper stickers, and more.

HOUSTON — Drive-thru voting is a new option this election for Harris County voters.

Because of that, there are a lot of questions and misinformation about how that process works. The VERIFY team got the facts from Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins.

CLAIM: I will not have to remove or cover up my political bumper stickers on my car if I decide to drive-thru vote.

False. Hollins: “We can't have any messages that support candidates or parties in the voting center, and that includes drive-thru voting centers. But we will help you. We have Post-it notes that will temporarily cover up your bumper. So you can come in and cast your votes safely, conveniently.”

CLAIM: You can have more than one person in the car, and they can vote, too, if you choose to drive-thru vote.

True. Hollins: “Multiple people who are in the same vehicle can vote, but you cannot speak to one another while you are voting, and you have to wait and take turns."

CLAIM: I can vote with an expired driver's license.

It depends. Hollins: “You can vote with an expired driver's license, but it has to be expired within the last four years.”

CLAIM: The poll workers will ask me if I am a Republican or a Democrat when I sign in. And if I don't respond, I will not be allowed to vote.

False. Hollins: “Your vote is your voice, and you're allowed to cast that vote in private regardless of who you're coming to vote for. That will be a private and sacred moment for you. We want to allow you to do that and all of our voting centers."

CLAIM: I can have my cell phone with me in my car when I show up to use drive through voting.

True. Hollins: “But just like any voting center, once you get within 100 feet of the voting center, you will have to power that device off until you're done voting and have left the voting center."