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VERIFY: Yes, Texas House Democrats are still collecting per diem while in D.C.

The $211 per diem is set by the Texas Ethics Commission for every day legislators work during regular and special sessions.

HOUSTON — There are a lot of rumors swirling around Texas Democrats’ trip to Washington D.C. The VERIFY team is here to make sure you have the facts. A few people asked if those lawmakers are still getting paid a daily rate while they are gone?

More than 50 House Democrats skipped town to stop a vote about a voting bill. Some Republicans claim the Democrats are not fulfilling their legislative duties and should not be paid. Democrats insist, while they are in away in Washington D.C., they are technically still working. 

Jeff asked the VERIFY team, “Are they still receiving their $211/day per diem?”

We have two sources for this, Gov. Greg Abbott’s Office and the Texas Constitution.

According to Article 3 of the state constitution, Texas legislators get paid a salary of $600 a month. Each member also receives a $211 per diem set by the Texas Ethics Commission for every day they work during legislative session, including special sessions.

A spokesperson for the Governor’s Office told the Verify team, “I can confirm that they still receive their per diem.”

So, we can VERIFY, Texas Democrats are getting paid while away in D.C.

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