Texas A&M officials said on Wednesday that the Office of the Dean of Student Life is reviewing the weekend activities of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity.

Little was a freshman in the Texas A&M Blinn Team program and accepted into the fraternity, known as FIJIs, during the same week he was taken to the hospital.

University officials said the review is to ensure that the fraternity did not break any university sanctioned rules that are in place for all Texas A&M student life organizations.

In a news release, issued last week, CSPD said there are "no signs of foul play" in the student's death and an autopsy has been requested.

CSPD said officers and detectives are still looking into the circumstances that led to the student's death, but would not characterize the case as an active investigation.


COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- An 18-year-old Texas A&M student has died, following a medical incident off-campus.

The student was pronounced dead at College Station Medical Center Monday afternoon, after EMTs responded to a medical call at The Callaway House over the weekend.

College Station Medical Center confirmed the student was pronounced dead but said there is no evidence at this time that alcohol or drugs contributed to the death.

College Station Police confirmed to KAGS that they are not investigating the death and added that CSPD officers were not on scene for the medical call. They told us they consider the student's death a medical incident.

The Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) are conducting what they call a “preliminary inquiry” into the death. However, a spokesperson for the TABC told KAGS they are only looking into the incident because of “media reports” that claim the death was an overdose.

The TABC spokesperson said agents were not asked by police to investigate the case and are only collecting information at this time.

CSPD officers filed an initial report, Monday, at the request of Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace Rick Hill. The report allowed Judge Hill to request an autopsy of the body, according to a CSPD spokesperson.

CSPD have so far found no evidence criminal activity. However, officials said they will begin investigating if someone comes forward with new information.