HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — We are tracking the potential for a tropical cyclone in the Gulf of Mexico. So many of you asked us if you should cancel your weekend travel plans.

"I'm in NOLA vacationing. Might need to cut it short and come back to Houston?” viewer Rickia Batiste asked.

“We are leaving from Destin, Fla., on Saturday morning. Should we wait a little longer of hit the road sooner? The brand new model from the National Hurricane Center shows the disturbance hitting somewhere between Texas and Louisiana," viewer Marilu Espinoza said.

That could be a problem for anyone driving along the coast. The Buc-ee’s along I-10 in Baytown is a popular stop for folks heading east.

If you’ve got to drive toward a storm, this isn’t a bad place to be. You can fuel up and stock up on things like bottled water and snacks.

“We visited family in Austin and we live in Florida, so we’re on our way back home,” said Arnie Dufort, who has to drive through Louisiana in order to get home.

Parts of New Orleans were underwater Wednesday morning.

“It’s what we deal with," he said.

If you’ve got a cruise, vacation or a flight planned, travel insurance can help. But you have to buy the policy before a storm is named.

Consumer Reports recommends insurance if your trip costs more than $3,000.

Brian Kelly, founder of “The Points Guy,” explains one way to get cancellation insurance without paying extra.

“The very best tip I have for people is your credit card should be able to assist," he said. "Certain credit cards give you trip interruption and cancellation insurance. And that's why it’s critical when you buy airfare use a credit card that offers that. Some that have no annual fees will cover up to $10,000. So you're not only going to get the airfare back but they're also going to cover your hotel for five nights.”

“Luckily, I just came back from vacation in panama. I’m heading back home now,” said Jason Rufus, who was bound for Beaumont. “Us southeast Texans, from Beaumont, us southeast Texans love to panic when there’s something in the gulf. So I’m just going to wait and see what’s going to happen.”


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