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BUY IT HERE: $65 Off Handsome Pack Essentials Gift Set + Free Delivery

It could be the best Father's Day bargain bundle I've seen and it doesn't get more handsome than this. Since this is my first official Father's Day as a dad (watch the video to meet my new daughter Mara Rose) - I take my responsibilities very seriously.

As a dad and a bargain hunter, I have a responsibility to be prepared for any emergency situation. I have to take care of my family and I need to save you money! That's what makes today's frugality so fitting.

Call it "survivalist savings" and today's bargain is just as applicable to any woman or grad - regardless of today's deal being billed as a Father's Day gift.

For under $50, the deal that I just finished testing gets you the following:

1) The Handsome Multi Tool (usually $50): Think of this as a Leatherman or Swiss Army multi-tool for the new age. This multi-tool can help you tackle almost any project around your home or in the yard. This multi-tool includes:

- Two knives
- Pliers
- Screwdrivers
- Wire cutter
- A saw
- Package opener
- Bottle and can opener

2) Handsome LED Emergency Lantern / Omnidirectional Portable Light (usually $30): Ideal for camping, emergencies, storms, garden parties, power outages, picnics and that upcoming July 4th BBQ. With just one set of non-included AA batteries, these lights worked for 76 hours straight in my tests.

- Extremely bright LED lantern
- Fully collapsible and extremely portable
- The best and brightest LED flashlight / lantern system ever seen at this price
- Safe for use outdoors and indoors
- Will not get hot and is extremely energy efficient

3) Handsome Face Aftershave & Moisturizer (usually $35): Quite simply put, this is one of the top-rated aftershaves and moisturizers you can buy. Ranked no. 1 in terms of popularity and performance following national infomercial sales. This anti-aging moisturizer is something I've been using for several months now. While I can't yet attest to the anti-aging promise, my skin is smoother, softer and there is no longer any redness or irritation after savings. Other user testimonials reflect a great success with this product targeting fine lines.

$65 Off Handsome Pack Essentials Gift Set + Free Delivery
Was: $114.97
Now: $49.99


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