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The world's most famous gift wrapper is in Splendora

His skills are in high demand as the holiday's approach.

SPLENDORA, Texas — If you didn't know it, the “world’s most-famous gift wrapping artist” lives in the Houston area.

Alton DuLaney became the expert in all things gift wrapping more than a decade ago. In the time since, the Splendora resident has made the annual rounds on talk and morning shows including Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart and the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

DuLaney says it’s even more important in today’s society of “gift bags” and “not enough time” to preserve the art of giving a gift in style.

"It just shows that you took a little time,” DuLaney said. “[It’s] taking it to the next level.”

DuLaney’s skills are in high demand as the holiday’s approach.

"I just finished my eighth season with Rachel Ray,” Dulaney said.

When he’s not just busy on the talk show circuit, Dulaney does holiday styling for his high-end private clients. But he’s best known for his gift wrapping.

"I think one of the best things is when people say ‘it looks so pretty, I don't want to open it,’” DuLaney said.

On Thursday, he showed me how to properly wrap a boxed gift.

"Ok, let's say I've gotten the gift, let's say there's a girl I want to impress, what do I need to do first and why do I need to do it,” I asked.

"It's important, not just the gift that you've chosen to give someone, but also the presentation,” Dulaney said. “Whether it's a gift box, a gift bag, whatever it is to show that you went that extra step.”

DuLaney demonstrated the method he’s perfected over the years.

"What you're going to want to do is fold over that one strip of paper,” DuLaney said.

That piece of wrapping paper is brought up and then the other side.

Then they are taped together. DuLaney never tapes anything to the box, it is always paper-to-paper.

DuLaney advises getting heavier metallic wrapping papers which will hold its creases as you work to guide you.

Once the tightly covering the box, DuLaney pinches his fingers downs the sides of the box to crisp the corners.

DuLaney always advises adding an embellishment to a boxPinch you fingers down the sides so everything is nice and crisp.

The options are limitless, DuLaney says.

You can take your gift wrapping as far as your imagination will go.

DuLaney will be demonstrating his holiday gift wrapping to the public on Dec. 8, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Vaughn Mason Fine Art, 3510 Lake Street, Houston.

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