Texas elementary, middle and high school students are in for a busy week of standardized testing beginning on Tuesday.

The newly revised STAAR test will be administered to 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th-grade students as well as high school students.

The Texas Education Agency spent nearly $20 million revising the test after the disasters that occurred during the STAAR’S administration in 2016.

The tests given last March were plagued by glitches and more than 14,000 students had their answers erased or were given wrong versions of the test.

Some of the students’ scores were sent to random locations and other scores were found to have been reported inaccurately.

TEA officials say there are more safeguards this year including new delivery and tracking systems.

Fifth-grade students will need to pass the test to advance to middle school and 8th-grade students must pass the test to advance to high school.

High schoolers must pass their end-of-course exams to graduate.