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Spring photographer takes stunning family, maternity photos underwater

As perfect as her pictures look, Amy Vecchio said underwater photoshoots are both fun and chaotic.

SPRING, Texas — There are countless photographers in Houston who can provide beautiful family portraits.

However, a woman in Spring offers her clients something rare: underwater portraits.

Amy Vecchio is the photographer behind Captured Simplicity. She snaps spontaneous, stunning photos in her pool in Spring.

She invited KHOU 11 News to sit in on a photo session with three young siblings.

“The kids are crazy in the water. I love that. There’s this freedom in the water where no one is telling them what to do, unlike more traditional portrait photography where they’re constantly being told what to do. Make this face. Don’t make this face,” Vecchio said. “When the kids get in the water, well, their parents can’t say anything to them underwater. They’re in their own little world. They do what they want. I love capturing that true authentic kids being kids in the pool.”

Captured Simplicity also does underwater maternity portraits.

Dymphna Niba was seven months pregnant when she was photographed. She wanted something artistic and unique.

“Some people actually thought it was photoshopped, but it wasn’t. I had to assure them it was real,” Niba said. “I almost had tears in my eyes, because (underwater portraits) are what I wanted for a long time, and I had it.”

As perfect as her pictures look, Vecchio said underwater photoshoots are both fun and chaotic.

“The final product does create the illusion that the mom was calm, and it was a nice moment. But really, it’s an illusion,” she joked.

Vecchio said what her clients get is a moment in time captured at its best.

She shares her work on her @capturedsimplicity Instagram page.

She prices her one-hour underwater photo sessions for families at $550 for one child. Additional children are $100 each. Maternity portraits are $950 for each session.


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