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'We gotta get in there' | Uvalde PD body camera paints picture of chaos from multiple agencies

The City of Uvalde released more than three hours of edited body camera footage from seven Uvalde PD officers.

UVALDE, Texas — The preliminary report on the Uvalde school shooting investigation wasn't the only critical piece of information released Sunday. 

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin also released seven new Uvalde Police body camera videos that show law enforcement's chaotic response to the shooting.

"We going in or we staying here. What are we doing," an officer could be heard saying on one of the body cams. 

As 25 Uvalde police officers descended on Robb Elementary from multiple directions, there was no hesitation from Officer Coronado who was seen rushing towards the campus. 

"Shots fired. Get inside. Go! Go! Go!"

But as officers rushed into the campus, it was what happened after shots were fired that is being criticized. 

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Video released last week from the school's hallway surveillance cameras showed activity on the north side of the building. Officers were seen storming in, approaching the classroom door where the gunman was behind, but they soon take retreat after gunshots were fired at them. 

Officer Canales body camera captures the moment the gunman shot at them. They quickly backed away to safety. 

Teacher Eva Mirales' husband, UCISD officer Ruben Ruiz, was in that hallway too. 

"That's my wife's classroom," Ruiz could be heard saying, 

"Dude, we gotta get in there. He keeps shooting," said Canales. 

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More officers arrive on the north side of the campus. They're captured on Jesus Mendoza's body cam as they begin searching classrooms for students. 

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers rescued the boy who was seen on surveillance running away after spotting the gunman shooting into a classroom full of fourth graders. He was hiding in a nearby restroom. 

On the opposite end of the campus was officer Coronado. When he first stormed into the building, you see a dust cloud after the shooter fired his first 100 rounds. Twenty minutes later, his camera gives a look at students being pulled out of windows to safety. 

Officers also checked for students inside classrooms. The rooms were dark and body cam shows backpacks and books left behind.

It's Coronado's cam that provides the first look at UCISD Chief Pete Arredondo in the hallway on the south side of the building. 

Minutes later, the chief and another officer were seen trying to unlock a classroom. Multiple keys were tried, but none of them worked. 

Meanwhile, the clock kept ticking and nearly an hour after the first officers arrived on scene, more shots are fired. 

No one moved in again.

Instead, you hear officers trying to communicate with the shooter.

"Can you hear us," an officer said. "Please don't hurt anyone. These are innocent children."

The shooter didn't respond. 

Later, Arredondo was seen again on camera, this time on the phone. The time is 12:43. Seven minutes later, Border Patrol's Tactical Unit moved in to kill the shooter. 

This was 73 minutes after the first officers stepped foot in the building. 

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