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'You may cry because our hearts are broken' | Hundreds attend vigil for Uvalde school massacre victims

Some families of those killed attended the emotional event.

UVALDE, Texas — Crying accompanied Amazing Grace during a tearful vigil Wednesday night.

"You may cry because our hearts are broken,” said Pastor Tony Gruben.

He and other ministers organized the vigil held at the Uvalde County Fairgrounds.

"Restore us father,” said another pastor.

They said it's a way to begin healing after the devastating loss of 19 elementary school students and two teachers.

Their names were listed on one young lady’s poster board with a message that read “I miss u.”

“I know parents, I know grandparents and, u know, the teachers as well,” said Robb Elementary parent Lupe Lieja.

Grandparent Laura Zavala spoke about the relief she felt finding out her grandson was safe after hearing about the shooting at his school.

“I was so thankful," said Zavala.  "But I feel so horrible for the parents and families that are going through this right now."  "That their kids ended up shot.”

Kids like 9-year-old Ellie Garcia who was looking forward to a 10th birthday party.

We heard from her grandmother at the family's home.

"I don’t know if she suffered or if she died quickly," said Nelda Lugo.  "But she’s left me.”

Her stunned family is facing a terrible time like all the others.

But with support from near and far.

Governor Greg Abbott and Senator Ted Cruz were also at the vigil.

However, neither spoke publicly.

One pastor said the evening was about solace.

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