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Uvalde community calls for change, accountability following release of hallway video

Some parents are leading the charge and they are not backing down.

UVALDE, Texas — People in Uvalde are calling for change and accountability after seeing surveillance video of officers doing little to save lives at Robb Elementary.

Some parents are leading the charge and they are not backing down.

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The front page of the Uvalde Leader-News, which is published weekly on Thursdays, shows pictures of parents marching through the city calling for accountability and change. It has been quiet in town this week, but one man is making sure his message is heard.

On the corner of Highway 90 and 83, perhaps the busiest intersection in Uvalde, one man stands in silence holding a pair of powerful messages. 

Michael Brown wants former Uvalde CISD Police Chief Pete Arredondo’s feet held to the fire. 

“He didn’t go in and save our kids. He stood in the hallway and told everyone to stand back,” Brown said. 

Brown says his 9-year-old son was at Robb Elementary on the day of the mass shooting. He said the video showing inaction by police has only pushed him to do more.   

“It was disgusting. It was saddening. They stood around, sanitizing his hands. They had plenty of ammo from the beginning. They should have went in,” Brown said. 

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A mile away, at Robb Elementary, a man named Jose, who is visiting from San Antonio had a different take.  

“They’ve got their scapegoat, which is Arredondo. This tragedy is solely to be blamed in the state of Texas on Governor Abbott. Governor Abbott would allow a teenager to buy a type of weapon used here,” Jose said.  

Jose said he traveled to Uvalde to encourage parents and protesters to march their message to Austin. 

“It happened in Texas. Who’s the head of Texas? Governor Abbot. Governor Abbot is to blame,” Jose said. 

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Back on the corner of highways 90 and 83, Brown says his fight has only  just begun.  

“Uvalde PD failed. DPS failed. They all failed,” Brown says.

A special legislative committee created to investigate what happened at Robb Elementary has spent the last several weeks interviewing nearly 40 witnesses behind closed doors. Members are expected to meet with the victims’ families this weekend.

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