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'I'm angry about a lot' | Texas Democrats urge Gov. Abbott to call special session on gun control

With six mass shootings in just under eight years, Sen. Roland Gutierrez said waiting to find solutions to gun violence could add to the disastrous toll.

UVALDE, Texas — There's growing pressure from Texas Democrats urging Governor Greg Abbott to call a special session to put in place gun control in the aftermath of the Uvalde mass shooting.

“My tears have turned to anger and I’ll find Jesus, I talk to Jesus every day," said Texas Sen. Roland Gutierrez.

Nearly a week later, funerals are beginning for the 19 children and two teachers killed in the mass shooting. 

"I’m angry at what happened here. I’m angry at the responses that happened here. I’m angry in the fact that we might have saved a life or two had we’d gotten in there a little earlier. I’m angry about a lot," said Roland Gutierrez.

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Gutierrez, who represents Uvalde, is pressing Gov. Abbot to call a special session, 77 days out from the start of the next school year. 

“To make sure we have a special session on about four issues — number one, raise the age limit to 21 on just like handguns. Number two, we limit magazine capacity. Number three, red flag laws. We absolutely need them. Number four, waiting period huge. It’s important," Gutierrez said.

Bur some Republicans, like Congressman Troy Nehls, aren't convinced more gun control is the answer.

“If you think the felons out there and the bad hombres out there, the ones that mean harm to their fellow Americans, and other people, if you think they’re going to abide by your rules and your laws forget it. They’re not going to happen," said Nehls.

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But with six mass shootings in just under eight years, Gutierrez said waiting to find solutions to gun violence could add to the disastrous toll.

“This Governor, I’m not challenging him. I’m not playing games here. I’m demanding that he bring us back into that building this summer because if we get to that day when school starts and we have another one of these tragic massacres that blood’s on his hands," he said. 

Abbott is the only person who can call the special session, although in a Republican-controlled legislature, the proposals could prove difficult to get done.

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