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'It's disgusting to see what happened' | Gov. Abbott reacts to Robb Elementary hallway video revealing failed police response

Abbott answered questions about the Uvalde shooting investigation and the leaked surveillance video during a stop in Houston to tour a DPS Crime Lab.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — Governor Greg Abbott making a stop in the Houston area Thursday afternoon to tour a DPS Crime Lab and Drug Warehouse. It's part of his effort to call attention to what he calls a "fentanyl crisis" plaguing the state. 

But his visit quickly overshadowed by new questions over the mass shooting in Uvalde. The Governor asked about that newly released hallway video and the investigations into the murders of 19 children and two teachers.

"Obviously it's disgusting to see what happened," said Governor Abbott. 

The 77-minute video shows nearly two dozen heavily armed officers refusing to breach the classroom and kill the gunman despite first officers getting on scene three minutes after the gunman arrived. 

"It's been clear from the time of Columbine whenever there is a shooting you run towards the danger and encounter the danger and you have to eliminate the shooter as quickly as possible," said Abbott. "From what I have seen that policy was not followed."

The video contradicts the governor's initial statements on the shooting where he praised police. 

Credit: KVUE/Austin American-Statesman

"They showed amazing courage," said Abbott on May 25. 

This is what the Governor told KHOU 11 News Thursday. 

"Just as angry because it's clear what was shown on that video was the exact opposite of the information I was given on the day I went out and explained what happened," said Abbott. 

The Governor says investigators are working on a minute-by-minute timeline from that day, but final answers will take some time while multiple investigations conclude. 

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"The families of the victims deserve to know exactly what happened and they will know what happened," said Abbott. 

While the public and -- more importantly, victim's families, wait for answer, the governor says there are teams working to inspect and evaluate school safety at all Texas schools. 

"We want to ensure that those schools will be safer than when they left at the end of the school year," said Abbott. "The status quo is unacceptable and will not be allowed."

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The governor was asked about criticism he's taken from victims families and Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin for not following up with them or visiting Uvalde since the early days of the shooting. 

Abbott says he plans to make more trips there soon and vowed the state will be supporting the community for years to come.

Full coverage of the Robb Elementary School mass shooting and the investigation can be found at KHOU.com/Uvalde

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