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Amber Guyger 911 call: Five things to know about Botham Jean shooting

Here's a look back at what the investigation into the shooting of Botham Jean has revealed.

DALLAS — Editor's note: This story was originally published April 29. We're bringing it back before the beginning of the murder trial for Amber Guyger.  

A newly-obtained audio recording reveals what Amber Guyger said when she called 911 moments after she shot and killed Botham Jean inside his apartment in September. 

The audio has not been publicly released, but WFAA obtained a copy after months of reporting. 

The call gives the latest look into what happened the night of Sept. 6, when Guyger entered Jean's apartment -- one floor directly above her own -- at the South Side Flats apartment complex.

The off-duty officer was still in uniform after working about 14 hours. She claims she parked on the wrong floor and had mistaken Jean for an intruder in her apartment. She fired twice, striking Jean once, police records show. 

Jean, 26, died at the hospital. 

Guyger was arrested three days later on a manslaughter charge and indicted on a murder charge in November. The case is set for trial in September. 

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Here's a look back at what the investigation has revealed: 

Guyger ‘provided first aid’

After shooting Jean, Guyger went into his apartment, called 911 and “provided first aid,” according to the arrest warrant affidavit. 

Dallas police obtained a search warrant of Jean’s apartment as part of their initial investigation into the shooting. They found “two used packages of medical aid.” The records do not say whether Guyger or paramedics used the packages. 

Officials have not clarified what type of medical assistance Guyger performed on Jean, and it’s unclear whether she performed CPR. 

The audio recording of the 911 call reveals she repeatedly talked to Jean, saying, “Hey bud, hey bud.” 

Botham Jean was shot in his own apartment by a Dallas Police officer who claimed she mistook the apartment for her own.

Didn't know each other

Guyger and Jean did not know each other, contrary to rumors that swirled on social media in the days after the off-duty cop shot Jean inside his apartment.

People circulated a photo on Twitter and Facebook that appeared to show Jean and Guyger together, but relatives confirmed that Guyger was not one of the women posing in the photo with Jean. 

Civil attorneys for Jean’s family also confirmed that the St. Lucia native and the ex-cop did not know each other. The attorneys also said that Jean used a red doormat to make sure no one would mistake his apartment for another. 

Police records show Guyger lived in the apartment beneath Jean's. She told police she accidentally parked on the fourth floor instead of the third floor, where her apartment was, on the night of the shooting, records show.

Investigators obtained search warrants for Jean’s and Guyger’s social media profiles, including their friends' lists. 

Jean’s apartment searched

Dallas police obtained a search warrant of Jean’s apartment as part of their investigation into the shooting. 

They found two fired cartridge casings, a laptop computer, a black backpack “with police equipment and paperwork,” an insulated lunch box, a police ballistic vest, “two used packages of medical aid,” 10.4 grams of marijuana in ziplock bags, a metal marijuana grinder and two key fobs. 

In addition to searching the apartment, investigators also took the cell phones of both Jean and Guyger and their electronic door locks and key fobs, court records show. 

The investigators also took the entry logs for both their apartments the day of the shooting and all access logs for the apartment premises between 9 and 11 p.m. Sept. 6. 

Investigators from the Dallas County District Attorney’s office also took video and photos of Jean’s apartment and took laser measurements of the firearm trajectory. 

'An exchange of words'

A neighbor reported hearing “an exchange of words” just before two gunshots, according to a search warrant obtained by Dallas police. 

That search warrant also said that “an unknown male inside the apartment confronted” Guyger. The search warrant was sought immediately after the shooting by Dallas investigators. The Dallas Police Department was the first law enforcement agency to investigate Jean’s death, but the department quickly handed over the case to Texas Rangers. 

In the arrest warrant affidavit written three days later, the Texas Rangers said Guyger saw a “large silhouette” she believed to be an intruder “across the room in her apartment.” 

The warrant also says that Guyger “gave verbal commands that were ignored” by Jean. The off-duty cop fired twice, striking Jean once in the abdomen. 

Officials have not said what Guyger said to Jean before the shooting. 

Guyger shot someone before

Guyger was involved in a shooting in May 2017 after a man took her Taser during a struggle with another police officer.

Guyger and another officer were called as backup to a felony traffic stop May 12, 2017, in the 8300 block of Reva Street in southeast Dallas. Undercover officers had been looking for a woman wanted on a felony arrest warrant, according to court records. 

During the traffic stop, Guyger and her partner were approaching the car when Uvaldo Bernal Perez got out of the back seat. Perez resisted while one of the officers was checking to see if the man had weapons, arrest records show. 

Guyger tried to help, but “Perez increased his resistance,” an arrest warrant says. Guyger used her Taser on Perez, but Perez took the Taser from her. That’s when Guyger shot Perez once in the abdomen, records show.

Perez, 48, pleaded guilty in February 2018 to felony taking a weapon from an officer. 

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