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Someone invented a pillow that saves your arm from going numb while spooning

"It keeps your arm from falling asleep."

Spooning with a loved one is always a relaxing feeling – for one of you.

Someone has to volunteer to lose circulation in an arm.

But now there’s The Coodle, an arched pillow that creates a comfy hole for your arm to slide through.

But it’s not just for spooning. If you’re a side sleeper it’ll help you out as well.

“Shaped like a tiny, foam-covered tunnel, the Coodle pillow is designed so the big spoon can cuddle in comfort— that person's arm goes underneath and through the domed tunnel, while the little spoon's head rests on top,” reports Simplemost.

Here are a few more images from the official Coodle Instagram:

The Coodle slogan isn’t creative, but it tells you what you need to know: "It keeps your arm from falling asleep."

When it’s not sold out, The Coodle sells for $65 on Amazon.


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