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Seattle goes straw-free in effort to curb plastic pollution

Seattle is considering a ban on plastic straws.

Dozens of restaurants and others in Seattle are joining an effort this month to drop plastic straws to curb plastic pollution.

The Lonely Whale Foundation says about 500 million plastic straws are used in the United States every day and many of them end up in the ocean, harming marine life.

The group says the Seahawks, Mariners, Space Needle and Port of Seattle are among those taking part in the September campaign to dump plastic straws. During this time, they'll use durable paper straws that break down more easily.

The Seattle Times says the efforts come ahead of a Seattle ban on plastic straws and utensils that takes effect in July 2018.

Seattle Public Utilities says the ban is part of a 2008 ordinance that phases out various plastics products from the city's food industry. Grocery and supply stores are not included.