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Fans take part in quirky superstitions, rituals to help guarantee an Astros win

“I wore the exact same thing that I wore two years ago hoping for another win,” an Astros fan said.

HOUSTON, Texas — The Houston Astros record-setting season could not have been accomplished without the help of fans.

Fans, who come game day, take part in their own, sometimes quirky, habits that help guarantee an Astros win.

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Fans are doing everything they can to make sure the team wins their second World Series championship.

Whether it’s their lucky shirt, a rally Orbit or a rally towel, everyone believes they’re doing something that’s going to help the Astros take it back.

Call it a game day ritual.

“Just same braids, same hat, same shirt.” Danielle Choate said. “I wore the exact same thing that I wore two years ago hoping for another win.”

Or call it superstition.

Trevor Choate said, “We’re going to get here early so we can get the exact same spot and mind our Ps and Qs and just do it all the exact same that we did it in 2017.”

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Credit: KHOU

Michael Urbanczyk said, “I got to be the same way. I stand up for every game so I bring out my Orbit. I bought him a while ago so he has to watch every game with me and ever since then we’ve been doing pretty good this year.”

Karen Malone said, “So this jersey I have to wear every single game...I’m sorry for the first two games I didn’t wear my jersey and I felt like it’s all my fault. I’ll totally take the blame all for the Astros.”

“My ring,” Trevor exclaimed. “So, we couldn’t hit until I put the white ring on and then once I put the white ring on we started hitting so here it is.”

Not all fans believe in superstitions.

Bobbie Zuniga stopped by the Church of the Annunciation on Tuesday afternoon.

“I don’t believe in anything but God, so I have a lot of faith and be his will then we will win,” she said.

However, it doesn’t stop fans like Zuniga from turning to a higher power for a little help.

Credit: KHOU

Zuniga said, “Yeah, we came in to say a little prayer just to make sure God’s watching.”

All these Astros fans want now is to see that their hard work paid off.

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Urbanczyk said, “I hope it helps the team in a weird kind of superstitious way but more for me probably.”

If you’re wondering why there were no Nationals in this story well we're superstitious that if we interview them there will have to be a Game 7.


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