HOUSTON If you drove by Leticia Aguirre s home in southeast Houston, you would never know she s hosting one of Houston s newest super Wi-Fi hot spots.

The hot spot was created when Rice University studentsset up a new antenna outside her home on Quince Street. The antennauses TV bands to deliver an Internet signal.

The studentsare currently trying to figure out how to deliver Internet to under-served areas that are hard to reach.

Tall trees that surround Aguirre s Pecan Park neighborhood have blocked established Wi-Fi signals in the past, and many of her neighbors can t afford traditional Internet connections.

Because of those factors, graduate student Ryan Guerra said Aguirre s home was perfect for the experiment.

Rice offered Aguirre a free iPad and Wi-Fi service to help them test and develop the technology. 

I got so excited and I was happy jumping up and down because I knew that it was going to help me a lot, Aguirre said.

Aguirre, 48, is currently out of work, but she said the service has already helped her get an interview.

What s more, the powerful router at Aguirre s house sends out a signal for 100 feet, so several neighbors can use it for free.

Rice is planning to establish eight more similar sites in the city.