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Rep. Jackson Lee calls on FBI to investigate issues with questionable COVID testing sites

Some sites were found to be charging for tests, others had disconnected phone numbers. Some people have said they've never gotten their results.

HOUSTON, Texas — The need for COVID testing sites has one federal lawmaker calling for an investigation into the legitimacy of pop-up testing sites.

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who represents Texas' 18th Congressional District, said these sites are popping up across the country and some of them may be out to steal personal information.

She called it a national issue and is now asking the FBI to look into the problem.

Jackson Lee's comments Wednesday came after Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner made a similar warning about some sites.

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Jackson Lee said she’s heard from lots of people who are having issues using pop-up facilities.

She said some of these sites target low-income and non-native communities.

Keith Downey, president of Super Neighborhood #52 in Kashmere Gardens said, “Our community and the residents, they depend on these sites in the community. They don’t have transportation to get to a lot of these mega sites.”

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Jackson Lee said some of the temporary sites are charging people to get tested, gathering personal information, or not providing results.

She said failing to provide test results in a timely manner could result in a life or death situation for some people.

“Most of the people getting tested may be desperate. They may even have symptoms and they can’t get an answer.”

The congresswoman said some of these pop-up sites often have contact information that is disconnected or incorrect.

She said that puts people in jeopardy who may need help.

“If you do not have information correct and timely then you could be transmitting so timeliness is important,” Jackson Lee said.

She fears the problem will only get worse.

The congresswoman also wants to set up a hotline where people who are having issues getting their results can call in or make complaints about certain sites.

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