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Prepare for a 'polar coaster' winter! Texas outlook: 'chilled.'

The Farmers Almanac has released their prediction for the coming winter and it looks to be teeth-chattering nation wide.
Credit: KHOU

HOUSTON — The Farmers' Almanac has released their prediction for the upcoming 2020 winter and it's going to be a cold one!

Ya don't say?

The half baked prognostication, which provides 16 months of weather predictions for seven different zones, says this winter will be "filled with many ups and downs on the thermometer, reminding you a bit of a 'polar coaster.'

Here in Texas, our forecast calls for 'chilled' conditions with average precipitation. What's 'chilled' mean anyway? 50°? Oh, I'm shivering! 

Before I summon the winter weather lovers and call for jovial celebrations over the coming 'chill,' you should know that the almanac has had spectacular failures that would make even Miss Cleo look like Nostradamus. 

Call me Cleo, call me now for your free readin'! 

Credit: KHOU
2018-2019 Winter Outlook

If you recall last year, the almanac (seen above) said that Texas,  would see 'stinging cold' with average precipitation. Now either Houston is no longer part of Texas or I was in a coma because last winter was pretty warm across southeast Texas.

Am I correct? Anybody?

 In fact, Houston (Nov 1-March 30) only recorded 6 freezes; two of which occurred in mid November and gave us our earliest snowfall on record. 

Other than that, the months of December, January and February were all above average and December and February were way above average - both more than three degrees warmer than average.

Looking towards the coming winter, all we care about is snow. Is it going to snow?

No. I say that because that's the easy, lazy, most likely outcome. However, since 1895, there have been approximately 40 snowfalls (trace amounts included). So yes, it snows here. It's just infrequent. 

Being that last winter was so warm (probably as a correction being that the winter before that was staggeringly cold with 5 (!) snowfalls.

Therefore, my friends, WINTER IS COMING! Let's just hope we can get the cold temperatures and the 'average' precip to line up that will give us the wintry mischief we're all hoping for and dreaming about.