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Preparations for primary elections well underway in Harris County

Preparations for Tuesday’s primary elections are well underway in Harris County.

Hundreds of elections judges picked up their polling materials Saturday by the Harris County Clerk’s Elections Technology Center.

Each polling station gets a box of materials to be opened on Tuesday.

This year’s primary election will feature new voter qualification technology.

“It is designed specifically to be very, very simple, for our clerks for voters themselves,” said Harris County Clerk Stanart. "It’s very simple to use.”

Apple iPads will scan voter’s driver’s licenses or identification cards then match the information with the county’s registered voters.

Poll workers can see if a voter is registered, if he or she is at the correct polling site and if the voter has already cast a ballot in the election.

The technology is intended to expedite qualification of voters and would potentially reduce the risk of human error is implemented as hoped.

“It’s great,” said elections judge Deborah Adams. “I think we need a little more training in it, but it’s great. We’ll have a few complications, definitely, but it’ll work out.”