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Why does the tire pressure light come on as soon as the temperatures take a dip in Houston?

It's a rite of passage around here, as soon as cooler weather hits, those tire pressure warning lights pop on.

HOUSTON — Tire light on now that the weather has gotten colder? 

According to consumer reports, the cold temperatures cause the air inside of the tires to get denser, which means it takes up less space inside the tire. The condition is temporary though since driving around will heat up the tire and the air will expand again.

Check manually more often

The experts say it is still a good idea to check your tire pressure manually after the monitoring system goes off. That's because that light indicates your tires are at least 25 percent below optimum pressure. And since a lot of us don't check our tires as often as recommended, making sure everything is working well is not a bad idea.

Other issues talk to mechanic

There could be other reasons besides just the cold weather: a hole in the tire, a problem with your tire sensor or you have just waited too long to top of the tire. If the problem persists after topping off with some air, then it is probably time to talk to a mechanic.

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