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Texans, where’s your Democratic lawmaker?

Here’s a list of the Texas Democrats who have left the state in an effort to block GOP voting legislation.

AUSTIN, Texas — By the latest count, at least 58 Democratic members of the Texas House and nine Democratic members of the Texas Senate have left the state. Lacking a quorum, the House is unable to conduct business, and the fugitive representatives are subject to arrest under House rules should they cross back into Texas.

The Senate still has enough members, including four Democrats, present to continue passing bills.

Here's a list of who left, who stayed and a few whose locations remain unclear. (One note: Rep. Garnet Coleman, a Houston Democrat, is in Texas but recovering from surgery and not present in the Capitol.)

At least six representatives and four senators are in Texas

58 representatives and nine senators are in Washington

Three representatives could not be reached

This story originally appeared in The Texas Tribune.

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