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Which Democratic Presidential candidates are Houstonians donating to?

When it comes to political campaigns, money doesn’t always equal victory. But it usually does.

HOUSTON — When it comes to political campaigns, money doesn’t always equal victory. 

But it usually does, so let’s talk about which Democrats are getting the love from Texans and from Houstonians.

Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren have the highest number of donors in Texas, according to Federal Elections Commission data.

Number of individual donors in Texas:

  1. O’Rourke: 16,786
  2. Sanders: 5,393
  3. Warren: 3,544

However, having more individual donors, doesn’t necessarily add up to the most donations, especially if a lot of people give small amounts.

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O’Rourke is the only candidate who stays on the top three list when looking at the amount of money raised in Texas.

Amount of money raised in Texas:

  1. O’Rourke: $3,101,244
  2. Castro: $690,702
  3. Biden: $641,035

Fellow Texan Julian Castro takes the number two spot, followed by former Vice President Joe Biden.

FEC reports show campaign donations by city as well.

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Houston Democrats gave the most financial contributions to O’Rourke’s campaign. Biden received the second most donations, followed by Pete Buttigieg.

Amount of money raised in Houston:

  1. O’Rourke: $640,778
  2. Biden: $217,058
  3. Buttigieg: $188,264

Houston is the top donor city in Texas for all three candidates.


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