HOUSTON- Early voting starts Monday and election officials are predicting a record turnout in Harris County, but some are concerned about concerned about voter fraud and security.

“We are going to break records,” said Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart. “We are looking at 1.4 million voters.”
The county has already sent out a record number of absentee ballots, which he says indicates polling places will be packed. But there is still concern over the integrity of the election.

“The election is rigged, it's rigged like nothing you have seen before,” said Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate.

Stanart said such skepticism is necessary.

“I think it's good to be skeptical of our systems,” said Stanart. “So people like me are on our toes, putting everything in process, following the law specifically so we can ensure the integrity of elections.”

Parties and candidates are allowed to send poll watchers to all 765 voting locations. Harris county Republicans and Democrats have a trained team of observers and have attorneys standing by to watch the vote.

“I think Donald Trump is spewing some very dangerous rhetoric when he says our elections are rigged,” said Lane Lewis from the Harris County Democratic party.

The clerk said deputies will be stationed at some polling places, but mostly just to direct to traffic. Poll workers are trained to call for help if there's a problem.

“I am confident that there will be secure voting locations,” said Stanart. “If there are any issues, let us know and we will address it immediately.”
Guns will not be allowed at polling locations. Also, voters aren't allowed to wear campaign t-shirts, pins or stickers when going in to vote.