A professor who has correctly predicted the outcome of every presidential election since 1984 has a new prediction. Allan Lichtman believes there is a "very good chance" Donald Trump will face impeachment, he told CNN Tuesday.

Lichtman, a political historian at American University in Washington, DC, has been dubbed the "Prediction Professor" for his spot-on election forecasts. Lichtman uses a system of 13 true or false statements to determine whether the incumbent party will win The White House.

However, he admits in his CNN interview with Erin Burnett that his impeachment prediction is from his gut.

"First of all, throughout his life he has played fast and loose with the law," Lichtman said. "My second reason is Republicans are nervous of Donald Trump. He's a loose cannon. Nobody knows what he really believes or really where he stands."

Burnett did interject that some of the accusations against Trump are only allegations, but Lichtman pointed out some of those have not been refuted.

Lichtman's comments echo those by documentary filmmaker Michael Moore. Moore predicted Trump's victory months ago. He said last week he believes Trump will not make it through his full four-year term because he thinks Trump will break laws, perhaps unintentionally.

It's important to note Trump could be impeached by the House but not voted out of office by the Senate. That's what happened to President Bill Clinton in 1998 following the Monica Lewinsky scandal.