WASHINGTON — President Trump's 2019 budget proposal will include $23 billion for border security and immigration enforcement, $21 billion for infrastructure, and $17 billion to combat the opioid epidemic.

Those are among the highlights released by the White House in advance of the budget's formal transmission to Congress on Monday.

That's the first step toward filling in the details of a two-year budget framework passed by Congress last week, which increased caps on both military and domestic spending. That compromise — specifically designed to win the support of Senate Democrats and avoid a filibuster — ended an 8-hour partial government shutdown Friday and signaled a budget truce for at least the next 19 months.

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Trump's proposal includes down payments on some of his biggest priorities, including:

► Infrastructure: The 2019 budget provides $21 billion next year toward an infrastructure spending plan worth $200 billion over 10 years — and which the White House says will help spur $1.5 trillion in spending when combined with state, local and private funds.

► Border security: The $23 billion figure includes $18 billion toward the border wall along the Mexican border. $2.7 billion to detain up to 52,000 undocumented immigrants and $782 million to hire 2,750 more customs and immigration agents.

► Veterans Health. Trump will request $85.5 billion for medical care for veterans, the White House said.