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Texas House fails to meet quorum again as Gov. Greg Abbott continues to quarantine after positive COVID test

Abbott is quarantining at the Governor's Mansion while House Democrats vow to stay away from Austin as long as it takes to prevent a voting bill from passing.

AUSTIN, Texas — On Wednesday, Gov. Greg Abbott remained in isolation at the Governor's Mansion after testing positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday.

In a video posted to Twitter, Abbott said he's feeling well, isn't experiencing symptoms and is fully vaccinated. His wife, Cecilia Abbott, tested negative. Abbott's office said the governor is being treated with Regeneron's monoclonal antibody treatment.

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Across the street from the Governor's Mansion, at the Texas Capitol, the House wasn't able to proceed during its second special session yet again. Democrats have been avoiding Austin, preventing a quorum from being met and blocking a vote on new voting legislation.

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The Texas Supreme Court ruled that the House can arrest missing Democrats and bring them to the Capitol by force if necessary.

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Houston House Democrat Rep. Harold Dutton was at roll call on Wednesday. He said the rift between Republicans and Democrats in the state has grown wider and might be beyond repair.

“I don’t know what the end game is. I tell you, I don’t know that. In fact, it keeps me up at night trying to figure out what that is," Dutton said. "But I know what is happening is that we’re creating a gulf among members that I’m not sure how you repair it.”

Democrats said they will not return willingly. They are still in the nation's capital in order to avoid passing new voting legislation in Texas. They left last month and plan on staying until the special session ends. Gov. Greg Abbott has said he plans to call as many special sessions as necessary to address several bills, not just voting legislation.

While in D.C, at least six Democrats have tested positive for COVID-19.

In Austin, not a lot of work is getting done due to the Democrats' absence. House Republicans and the few Democrats left in Austin show up to the House Chambers every morning for the special session only to be dismissed for the day.