AUSTIN, Texas -- The Special Session continued Monday with lawmakers focusing on Texas women who die while giving birth.

It's the highest number out of any state or any other developed country.

The Texas House approved four bills on the second reading, each dealing with the maternal mortality rate in Texas.

Basically, these bills aim to find out why mothers are dying, and what should be done to stop it.

The house was silent as Representative Shawn Thierry told her emotional and scary story about her own near death experience during child birth.

She said she could feel her heart racing and felt extreme pain.

She feels she survived because she had family around her to make sure she got the best care. But, she said thousands of other women don't have that.

Even though these four bills will still need to go to a final approval, Thierry said she's excited about this step.

"I'm just, I'm so elated, I'm just happy that we did something for our Texas Moms, that today in the House we showed that our Texas moms lives really do matter," said Thierry.

She feels purpose is coming from the pain of mothers across the state.

"We don't have any way of bringing down our rates until we know true causes, and we can put some systems in place, to solve this," said Thierry. "Whether you're pro life or pro choice, just pro reality, this is the reality of the situation in Texas."

Even to get this far, she said it's been a long road.

"It took awhile, this started with me at the very beginning of the regular session when I first filed the bill," said Thierry. "When the freedom caucus killed the bills before that were on the local consent, many of them reached out to me, and told me that if there was ever an opportunity again to support the legislation, they would."