(CBS NEWS) -- President Trump's planned rally for Tuesday night in Phoenix, Arizona, is expected to draw thousands of supporters and protesters. At least six different protests are planned for the area, the largest of which could draw more than 3,000 people. Vice President Mike Pence will be attending the campaign-style rally.

The rally comes at a time of heightened political tension in the state as Mr. Trump has been at odds with Arizona's two Republican senators. The city's Democratic mayor is asking Mr. Trump to delay the event over safety concerns.

Local polling has the president at a 42 percent approval rating there - higher than the national average, reports CBS News correspondent Carter Evans.

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams is reassuring the city that local law enforcement is ready for Mr. Trump's downtown rally.

Given the violence in Charlottesville just ten days ago and current political tensions in Phoenix, the city's mayor, Greg Stanton, says this is not the right time for this large-scale political event.

"I believe the true intention is really inflame people's passion to further divide the country and that's why I said the president should delay this trip to Phoenix," Stanton said.

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