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'I am a sheriff from Texas' | Rep. Nehls stops Pres. Biden after address with offer to help

The former Fort Bend County Sheriff says his experience can benefit the Biden administration in criminal justice reform.

WASHINGTON — President Biden shared a brief exchange with a local congressman just moments after Wednesday night's address to Congress.

Representative Troy Nehls told the president he wants to help him with criminal justice reform. It’s a big moment many people caught Wednesday night following the president’s joint session speech.

On his way out of the House chamber, the president was stopped by former Fort Bend County Sheriff-turned-Congressman Troy Nehls.

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The freshman lawmaker was reaching across the aisle to offer his expertise in law enforcement.

“I want to help with the criminal justice reform,” said Nehls. “I want to be part of that. It’s needed so I don’t know how to reach out to you but...”

“I’ll reach out to you,” responded President Biden.

“I have the experience,” Nehls said. 

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Rep. Nehls’ office confirms staff with the Biden administration reached out Friday morning. They say Nehls is optimistic about common-sense reforms they can accomplish.

They say Rep. Nehls has helped reduce the tendency of convicted criminals to reoffend through inmate training programs.  He wants to see similar programs available in jails across the county.

His office says by working together, they can make this happen.

Nehls was sheriff of Fort Bend County for eight years.