President Trump has a new survey for his supporters—not about jobs, immigration, or what executive order he should address next, but instead all 30 questions have do with the media… and Hillary Clinton… and Bernie Sanders.

The survey was emailed to his supporters Thursday evening, just hours after a contentious news conference and Q&A with reporters at the White House.

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The questions are leading and include whether supporters trust CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.

The survey also harkens back to his Democratic rivals on the campaign trail. Eight of the questions mention Hillary Clinton. One mentions Bernie Sanders.

In fact, the survey might have been written while President Trump was still running for office. Questions often refer to his “candidacy” and “campaign,” rather than his presidency and administration.

Question 15 says “The mainstream media played a critical role in electing President Obama and is now attempting to do it again for Hillary Clinton.”

You can see the survey and take it for yourself here.

After taking the survey, you’re directed to a donation page that thanks you for “standing up to the media’s lies and attacks.” It encourages survey takers to make a contribution to “fight back.”

The fine print notes that 75 percent of each contribution will go toward either Pres. Trump’s 2020 primary or 2020 general election account. The other 25 percent goes to the RNC’s Operating account.