Thousands of San Antonians took to the streets in solidarity with marches all over the country and all over the world. With their signs and chants, they promised to stay involved in the political process to fight for all kinds of basic rights.

The march started at San Antonio City Hall as organizers addressed a crowd gathered and ready to march with signs and a promise that their voices would not be silent.

“We absolutely stand with our femininity,” protester Eden Hennessey said. “We stand with our sisters across all borders and we will no longer tolerate being second-class citizens.”

“If you want peace, work for justice,” Colleen Searle said. “I am fighting for my daughter’s rights in the future and for my friends and neighbors. I think that we need to speak up now, speak up clear, and make sure that everyone is protected now and in the future.”

As the crowd of thousands walked the streets of San Antonio, each pocket would break out into different chants throughout the march.

From little girls who rocked it to sisters in arms, each demonstrator was united in seeking justice and equality for all as they made their way from Flores Street to the heart of the west side.

“My sign says #BooksNotTweets. I think there’s a lot of people who are really disappointed with the fact that Trump doesn’t seem to think about anything deeply,” protester Ryan Gilbert-Wilson said. “He doesn’t seem to take professional advice and that’s going to be a huge problem in the running of the country.”

The sea of people surged for blocks.

As they stood for liberty, personal power, and heart, they vowed that Saturday’s march was just the start.

“This is a daily action alert,” demonstrator Rebecca Flores said as she addressed the crowd. “We know what we have to do. We just have to do it!”