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Veteran says Rep. George Santos kept money raised by dying dog's GoFundMe

A homeless Navy veteran said the embattled freshman Republican promised to raise money for his dog's surgery in 2016 but then kept the funds.
Credit: Facebook
US Navy veteran Rich Osthoff claims Santos promised to raise money for his dog's surgery, but then kept all the money, CNN reports.

WASHINGTON D.C., DC — The list of allegations against embattled Congressman George Santos continues to grow and the latest story involves a disabled veteran and his dying dog. 

US Navy veteran Rich Osthoff claims Santos promised to raise money for his dog's surgery, but then kept all the money, CNN reports.  

Osthoff told CNN he was homeless and living in a tent after losing his job when he met Santos in 2016. His beloved pit bull Sapphire developed a tumor on her belly but Osthoff had no money to get treatment.

When fellow veteran and friend Michael Boll tried to help Osthoff, they said a mutual friend introduced them to Santos but he claimed his name was Anthony Devolder. Both veterans told CNN that Devolder promised to raise money for Sapphire's surgery with a GoFundMe account. 

“Sapphire is a 10 year old red nose pit bull that has been keeping this man company, she dose [sic] not deserve to die because of this tumor, she deserves to be treated and cared for,” the Facebook post read, according to CNN. “Will you help this baby and her daddy stay together for a few more years? Does he not deserve to have her? Let’s all come together to help this family of two stay healthy!”

In the end, Osthoff said he never got a dime, Devolder disappeared and Sapphire died. 

“He got so angry with me and he blew up and refused to give me the money and then just wouldn’t answer the calls anymore,” Osthoff said.

The veteran said told CNN he didn't know Anthony Devolder and George Santos were the same person until he saw reports about the freshman Republican's embellished resume.

Santos told CNN that the story is fake and he doesn't know Osthoff.

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Sapphie's life is almost saved! Just a few bucks to go, and she'll be one 10lb tumor lighter! I love my doggie daughter more than life! Please help us to share the next 5-10 years together!

Posted by Rich Osthoff on Saturday, June 4, 2016

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