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Outnumbered by Republicans in the Texas Legislature, Democrats have limited options to fight abortion ban

One Fort Worth Democrat says women have suffered a devastating blow to health care access.

DALLAS — State Rep. Nicole Collier remembers those who argued that making COVID-19 vaccinations and masks mandatory was government overreach.

The Democrat from Fort Worth wonders where those same folks are now that the U.S. Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade.

“You know, what gets me is during the pandemic, we had the access to the vaccine. And so many people reached out in the state of Texas saying my choice, my body, I don’t want to have to take the vaccine, don’t make decisions over my body and yet, they support a law that would do just the same for those who do not share their views,” Collier said on Inside Texas Politics.

Collier calls the Supreme Court’s decision devastating to the state of health care in America and a devastating blow to access in Texas.

Since Democrats have long been outnumbered in the Texas House and Senate, there’s not much they can do legislatively.

Watch the segment below:

But Collier hopes it puts voters in motion and drives them to the polls this November.

“When we go back, unless we can get the voters out to change the outcome of these elections, to elect more people who share their views, we’re going to see more of the same and limited access to healthcare,” she said.

The Democrat also reacted to news that Texas Republicans are already discussing legislation to further punish abortion crimes.

That includes possibly allowing district attorneys to prosecute folks who may live outside their own counties and punishing businesses that cover expenses for an employee who has to travel for an abortion.

“Well that’s just big government. If you want to talk about limited government, then talk about something else,” said Collier. “But if you’re talking about expanding government, that’s what those policies do. They expand the hand of government and they invade the private actions of businesses.”

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