SAN ANTONIO -- A singer who lives in the Hill Country will be performing at President George H.W. Bush's service in Houston.

Chris Ortiz sang at Barbara Bush's funeral in April, and will return for the 41st president's service at St. Martin's Episcopal Church.

The church is home to Ortiz, who attended it for 15 years. He's got nothing on the Bushs, who attended that church for 50 years.

Ortiz, who now sings at St. Helena's Episcopal Church in Boerne, shared some fond interactions he had with the beloved couple.

"The first time I saw them it was a little surreal," he said. "Because you are in the presence of the president of the United States. But after a few Sundays it became normal."

Ortiz said Bush was a jokester, and they even shared some special moments.

"He would say, 'Now boys, don't screw this up,'" Ortiz said. "And Mrs. Bush would smack him on the shoulder, and say, 'Pay him no mind. You boys are going to be fine.'"

He said they would even show each other their eccentric socks.

"It is personal," he said. "Because it is those little stories, those little anecdotes, that I am going to take with me. That I will carry with me till I go to my grave."

In April, Ortiz returned to Houston and sang at Mrs. Bush's service.

"Her memorial service will be one of those greatest moments, musically, that I will cherish, and hold in my heart deeply," he said.

Eight months later, he will return and sing at Mr. Bush's service.

"This is something I am very proud to do," he said. "Now, to know that he is with her, it is like the close of a chapter. I am glad they are together. I am glad we have two more angels watching over us."

Ortiz says he will be leaving Wednesday to Houston, one of about 70 members of the choir. They will rehearse on Thursday morning.