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Crowd gathers in Memorial Park to see President Bush's motorcade

As the motorcade got closer, the crowd grew quiet and paused, one last time, to pay their respects.

Houston — Hundreds stopped at Memorial Park to watch the President Bush's motorcade go by, moments after it left St. Martin’s Episcopal Church Thursday.

Todd Lewis arrived early with a large American flag. He wanted to make sure he was in position to say good-bye to Bush 41.

“I figured it was the least I could do given this man’s dedication and commitment to this country,” Lewis said. “He was the last of his kind.”

Wearing matching blue cowboy hats with flags tied to their baskets, Maureen Garrett and Michelle Rector biked in to take in the historic moment.

“What a great president and a great family," Garrett said. "We’re here, he’s given so much back to us as Houston, and Houstonians, that we definitely want to show our appreciation to him.”

“He did so many important things and he and Barbara contributed to Houston so much so we just wanted to come out, say our last goodbyes, wave at the family and let them know we love them and we love George,” Rector said.

As the motorcade got closer, the crowd grew quiet and paused, one last time, to pay their respects to President Bush and his family.

“When you watch people on the route that’s what gives you the sort of uplift. Why did my dad do this. You know that you’re not alone," said William Friedemann.

When the hearse finally went by, Lewis uttered four words echoed across the city.

“God bless you, sir,” he exclaimed.

It lasted only seconds, but many like Lewis said it was well worth it.

“It’s rare that you actually get to be in a true moment of history and I felt like I was witnessing history right before my eyes and it was, I felt honored to be here,” Lewis said.

Now they hope to honor his legacy by leaving the world in a better place than in which they found it.