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Why are the propositions on the Texas primary ballot just a poll

GOP voters will be asked to weigh in on 10 propositions.

HOUSTON — If you vote in the Republican primary this election, you will get to weigh in on more than just candidates.

The Texas GOP has 10 propositions on the ballot. But these propositions will not necessarily become law. They are a chance for the party to gauge opinions of its voters on a variety of issues. Those opinions then help Texas Republicans decide what should be its legislative priorities during the next session in 2023.

Tap here for the propositions.

So what is the Texas GOP asking voters about?

The propositions range from border protection and critical race theory in schools, to denying treatment to transgendered children. And while these propositions are basically a poll of voters, they are important for the party. They do use the responses to craft future strategies and determine the direction of party priorities.

If you vote in the Democratic primary this year, there will be no propositions on your ballot. That is simply because the party chose not to include them in this primary.

In 2020, it had 10 propositions on the ballot asking about everything from the right to clean air to the rights of immigrants. But this time around, Democrats will only weigh in on candidates.

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