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VERIFY: Claims about voting deadlines in Texas

The VERIFY Team is working hard to make sure you have the facts before you cast your ballot for the November election.

HOUSTON — The VERIFY Team is dedicated to making sure you have the information you need before you cast your ballot for the Nov. 3 election

We went to the Director of Elections for the Texas Secretary of State’s Office, Keith Ingram, to get answers to your questions about voting deadlines.  

CLAIM: It said on Facebook that we could actually drop off rather than mail in our ballots for the November election. True or false? 

TRUE. “You can deliver your mail ballots in person to the early voting clerk's office. You will have to show an ID and you will have to sign a roster," Ingram said.

CLAIM: A mail-in ballot has to be postmarked by Election Day, November 3rd. 

TRUE. “However, if it is received by 7 p.m. on Election Day, a postmark is not necessary. If it's received by 5 p.m. the next day, it has to have a postmark on or before Election Day," Ingram said.

CLAIM: I will still be able to vote if my status is listed as "Suspense."

TRUE. “If you have moved within the county, then you can file. You can sign a statement of residence and vote a regular ballot. If you've moved to a new county, you will need to use a limited ballot during early voting. However, the best thing to do is to update your registration before Oct. 5 so that your current address is listed on the rolls," Ingram said.

CLAIM: My son is serving overseas. That means he gets extra time to turn in his mail in ballot. 

TRUE. “Troops overseas and military voters have until Nov. 9 to have their ballots returned," Ingram said.

If you have something you'd like fact-checked by our VERIFY team, send us an email at verify@khou.com or fill out the form below.