HOUSTON - Internet rumors are fueling claims of a rigged election.

Even some local voters believe their ballots were switched by voting machines. Most claim that votes for Donald Trump are being changed.

But neither the Republican-run clerk’s office nor the Harris County Republican Party have found any evidence to back it up.

“If you live on or use the Internet, you see it everywhere,” said voter John Ryan. “But you come and experience it, and it’s not there.”

“I checked my votes and double-checked them,” said voter Tracie Compton. “And everything was okay.”

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More than one Harris County voter contacted KHOU 11 News about their concerns. A voter in Katy even sent a photo showing Green Party candidate Jill Stein highlighted on what she claims was her straight party Republican ballot.

“We receive calls from the media about calls they received,” said Harris Co. Clerk’s Office communications director Hector DeLeon.

“It’s our job to deal with it,” said DeLeon. He says there have been no confirmed issues from polling site supervisors.

“We did not receive calls from presiding judges,” said DeLeon. He took us through one potential pitfall with straight party tickets.

Voters double-checking their selections may inadvertently switch their votes if they tap the screen again.

“When you highlight that name again, it de-selects the candidate,” said DeLeon. He believes operator error is the culprit for most complaints.

“What we have found leads us to conclude that, more than likely, that is what’s happening,” said DeLeon. His advice to voters is to make sure you always carefully review the summary page before hitting the “cast ballot” button.

The first thing you should do if you experience a problem is alert a polling station supervisor. In most cases, they can help walk you through any problem.

But election officials admit that replicating every issue is not possible.