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Poll: Latino voter outreach lacking from both parties

“We’re growing in numbers, as our numbers grow we become the most populous people," said Rudy Vasquez.

TEXAS, USA — Getting out the Latino vote has become a major goal for both Republicans and Democrats in Texas.

However, new polling from the NALEO Educational Fund found that voter outreach to Latinos is lacking.

Republicans are hopeful that political investments in Latino communities translate to an increase in support, but polling suggests Democrats will have the support of most Latinos voting in Texas come Election Day.

The power Latino voters hold in Texas is not lost on the community.

“We’re growing in numbers, as our numbers grow we become the most populous people," said Rudy Vasquez.

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That means the balance of power could rest on their shoulders.

“Our votes can sway the election," Vasquez said.

Latino voters have been a big target of the major gubernatorial candidates in Texas.

In the NALEO Educational Fund poll, among Latino voters in Texas, Democrat Beto O'Rourke holds a lead over Republican Greg Abbott in the race for governor by a margin of 59% to 26%.

“I want my voice to be heard and I brought my family and everybody to come out and vote," said Roger Ivarra.

Of those surveyed, 30% of Latino voters in Texas view the Republican Party as hostile to their community.

On the other hand, many Latino voters support Republican policies.

“I don’t like what’s going on with the immigration, the open borders, I don’t like all the money that was given away and I don’t like what they’re doing with the freeways in Houston," said Maria Quintina.

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But there's still more work to do to get more Latinos to the polls.

More than half, 52%, of respondents to the survey still have not been contacted at all by any political party, campaign or other political organization.

The reaction of those who have seen outreach varies from person to person.

“I delete them, I do not open it," Quintina said.

“It kind of does tip me. Makes me feel like they want to make changes," Ivarra said.

Some of the top issues for Latinos polled included inflation and women's reproductive rights.

Early voting runs until 10 p.m. November 3. Election Day is November 8.

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