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Fulton Board of Elections completes rescan, explains reasons behind it

The news came on Saturday afternoon, first for the Secretary of State's Office and then from the Fulton County Board of Elections.

ATLANTA — Fulton County took a step back as a precaution following some issues with certain types of ballots, an election board representative said on Saturday.

The news first arose from the Georgia Secretary of State's office around 5 p.m. that investigators and the deputy secretary of state would be heading to State Farm Arena as workers rescanned ballots under the supervision of observers from both parties.

The Fulton County Registration and Elections Board later provided a few more details on the situation explaining that some ballots "were not captured in Friday night's results and a smaller number were not scanned."

"Most all of them were scanned, some of the ICC files didn't transfer to the server," Fulton County Elections Board Director Richard Barron said. "And then, on the other ones, we had to scan some ballots today."

Barron said he was the one who contacted the state board of elections and also worked to make sure they could get observers to the location.

With them in place, the election board staff rescanned all provisional, military and Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) ballots that had previously been scanned on Friday. In total, he said they scanned 342 ballots.

"This is something we normally do every election between election day and certification - we try to make sure that all of our numbers balance - so I felt it was important to make that happen and that's why we were here today," Barron said.

He added that all of the impacted ballot counts from Friday were pulled and replaced with the newly rescanned file.

As for what happened to cause the issue, Barron said he wasn't sure.

"I know the thumb drive had the files on it, for some reason they didn't transfer over," he said.

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